I am keeping my fingers crossed

I think we have just come out of the far turn and soon will be in the home stretch.  The Holidays are behind us, and here we are in winter and so far only one snow storm and that occurred I believe in late October, and although the snow was heavy the sun melted it in about a day.  So far we have not had any more snow.  People are getting back into a rhythm with things starting to get back up to speed.
This is to me the best time of year.  The morning chill is refreshing.

The NBA is back playing ball and the College Bowls just ended.  Now to watch college basketball, and on weekends as long as you are a Giant fan like me, you still have a game to watch.  If I were a betting man I would take the points and bet on the Giants against the Packers.  Heck they might just win the game outright.  I sure hope so.

My condolences to those of you that are Jet fans……   But you do have something to look forward to, with a new Offensive Coordinator signed today.

Now down to business.

When I rolled up to the gate this morning I was stuck behind one of my tenants who was sitting at the keypad, looking perplexed.  I chuckled as I got out of my car and walked up to him and asked what was wrong.  He said, I can’t believe it I forgot my unit number?  I thought for a second and said I believe it is 30__; he tried it and asked how I remembered.  I said I really don’t know, but I wish he would get out of the way, so I could turn around and go and buy a lottery ticket.  Maybe my luck is changing.

I just finished renting a unit to a fella that owns a Limo Service.  You should have seen the stretch limo that he drove up in this morning.

I am just happy that he did not want to store the limo in a unit.  I don’t think it would have fit.

Just a little while ago I took a call from a woman, asking about the availability of a 5 x 5.  We talked and I told her that I was running a special and for just $20.00 more she could rent a 5 x 10……????

Twice the volume for just $20.00…   She will be in sometime in the next few days to rent the unit.  Actually she is one of my old tenants, and only moved out a few months ago.   When she last rented she had a much larger unit.  This time she needs a unit to store some household things as she prepares her house for sale.    It seems more and more people are renting Storage Units, because real estate agents had suggested that they stage their homes for sale.  Sure seems like a win win for all concerned.

Until we next talk, have a great weekend, and

‘How about those Giants”?!?!!!!!

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