Local Marketing in the Self Storage Industry

There are many local marketing outlets that can be utilized whether it is for the self storage industry or simply for any other business in the local area. Many people think their marketing efforts need to be expensive and main stream like having a TV commercial but this is not the case. Sometimes you can utilize low key inexpensive marketing solutions that can really make a drastic effect for your business if presented properly. Most business owners don’t even take the time to utilize marketing or when they do it’s not directed to the right demographic for their business. I would like to take the time today to mention a few different marketing strategies that could potentially amplify your local business if used properly.
When most local business thing about marketing strategy they often respond in ways like “How much is this going to cost me”, “This will only cost an arm and a leg” or “Is this even worth the money”. Well marketing does not always cost an arm and a leg, granted you may have to lay some cash on the table from time to time but using your marketing efforts strategically does not have to cost a lot and can be quite effective. Now let’s go over a few different marketing ideas that don’t cost much and can help a local business’s success.

One of the easiest ways to market for your local business is clearly in the local paper. I am sure there are several different newspapers that are sold in your local area in which tons of different people read every day. Simply get in touch with a few of your local news paper companies and inquire on how much a small advertisement would cost and make up a little advertisement that they can post. You don’t have to go crazy and quite often the newspaper company will help you create an advertisement for a small additional cost. News paper companies have graphic designers working for them specifically for this reason and would be more than willing to help you out with an advertisement. Now you don’t have to go to news paper companies like the NY Times or the NY Post to get your advertisement in the public eye nor do you have to have it posted in the paper every day. You can simply choose a few local based news papers and have your advertisement posted on popular newspaper days like Sundays edition of your local paper.

Another great way to get your business in the local eye is to go to your local diner or diners in the surrounding area and ask if you can place an ad on their plate mats. Almost every diner that I have ever been to has a paper advertisement mat ready to go on the table when you sit down. You can see many different local businesses that advertise on these mats and it can be very effective as a marketing strategy. These advertisements generally go for a small rate and are generally changed about once every 6 months to a year so they will be around for quite some time for a small fee.

Another simple and effective way to market is to simply create some flyers and go around to your local delicatessens and super markets and ask if you can post the flyer in their window. This way of advertising is quite cost effective because these local businesses often don’t charge for any window space and tons of people take the time while they are sipping their coffee or having their sandwich to check out the local ads. Plenty of people do this in trying to sell their cars, boats and RV’s so why not do it for your local business?

A final great way to draw some additional sales for your business to go create a new roadside sign that people can see as they drive by. You don’t have to give the shop away or offer a great deal with this sign its can simply just say your business name or advertise something you sell to grab peoples attention. Make sure you go to your local zoning office to ensure that it is ok for you to place a sign up on your property and if need be you may have to get an approval certificate to put it up. These zoning certificates are free, it just takes a few minutes to fill out the information and where the sign location will be placed and you will get approve in a few days.

Ultimately, marketing and advertising does not have to be expensive to be effective. If conducted properly it can be extremely cost effect and help to amplify your business’s activity. Just remember to look into your demographics and how you generate your sales to target that specific client base. Whether it is the newspaper, local diner, flyers or addition signage for your curbside marketing does not have to cost an arm and a leg and it can be quite effective is utilized properly.

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